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Flexible Finance

We offer a number of finance options to suit your business, including Lease, Short Term Rental and Purchase. Our experience within the Education sector allows us to offer tailored contracts that work within it's specific regulations.

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Authorisation no. 711770

  • Fixed term commitment normally 3 to 5 years

  • Monthly payments less expensive than short term rental

  • Includes a service contract

  • Leasing is usually tax efficient as installments can often be offset against tax

Short Term Rental
  • Rolling 3 month contract

  • Ability to change the machine after each 3 month period

  • Includes a service contract

  • Rental cost can be written off against your tax bill

  • Own the asset

  • A proportion of the cost can be deductible from your tax bill

  • Includes a service contract

To discuss finance options in more detail contact one of our team.

We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and work with major funders including Siemens, Grenke and Investec.

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